One of the reasons why it is worth visiting Sicily is eating!

Therefore, with our cooking lessons you want to allow you to learn from the locals how to make a perfect Sicilian dish. Cooking classes are organized in a family and Sicilian environment made by local experts, this is the typical case for small groups of people.

We also organize cooking classes for large groups of people by relying on professional cooking schools with their own chefs, facilities and teams

We also organize cooking classes with main characters of Sicilian gastronomy, for example, Maria Grammatico di Erice.

La Pasticceria Grammatico

At the Pasticceria Maria Grammatico you will find Cannoli, Sicilian Cassate, Almond sweets, Jams and more, you can taste the desserts and learn the secrets of Sicilian culinary art from the same Signora Maria Grammatico