Set on the top of the mountain the village of Erice gives the visitor a medieval atmosphere, breathtaking views of all the western Sicily and gastronomic delights. Do not miss the Balio (garden) with the adjoining Castello di Venere, the Church of San Giuliano (now home to the Mysteries of Erice), the Chiesa Madre, the Church of San Martino and the Museo Cordici

The village of hundred churches

Religious buildings are often considered among the main attractions, especially when you decide to do a type of tourism focused on the history and culture of the place you go to visit.

This speech is very valid for Erice, since in ancient times it was known as ‘the city of a hundred churches’. Currently the churches open to worship are much less than a hundred, but still today they are numerous and are important testimonies of the past.

The first cult building to visit in the tour of the churches of Erice is surely that of the church dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, of very ancient construction and fundamental place of local religiousness. There are many others, however, the ancient churches worthy of being seen both for their ancient building and as a treasure chest of artistic treasures: the churches of San Martino, San Cataldo, San Giuliano and San Giovanni Battista are just some of the names to refer to.


Segesta, a small archaeological site, where you can admire an impressive Doric style temple, still standing as it was left (incomplete).

On the Monte Barbaro you can visit the ruins of the city, while on the hill it is possible to reach (also by means of a shuttle bus) a theater, partly excavated in the hill, from which it is possible to admire a wonderful panorama.